Sgt. SANDY COLBY was discharged from the U.S. Army Signal Corps in November of 1952. He then went to work for his favorite Uncle Joe in New York's garment center, and in short order became SAD SACK SANDY. But then, lo and behold, SAD SACK SANDY discovered skiing and he immediately took on an entirely new demeanor. He was now known as SMILEY SANDY.

SMILEY started going on numerous bus tours such as Ski Bird Tours, Ski Scape and Ski Club of America with his brother GOOD TIMES RON. SMILEY & GOOD TIMES loved everything about skiing... the girls, the challenge, the fresh mountain air, the ski lodges, the parties, but especially the romance of skiing. It was love at first sight. But, there was one downside... the buses were old and rickety, the lodging was poor and the food was awful. SMILEY decided that a first class ski tour company was sorely needed.

So in 1956, after 4 miserable years in the rag business, SMILEY decided to make his move. He left Uncle Joe, borrowed $1500 and went into his own ski tour business. Sure, he made his share of mistakes along the way, but from the very beginning he gave his patrons a quality tour... beautiful luxury buses, exceptional lodging, delicious food, lots of activities, parties & entertainment and a dedicated staff of tour escorts.

It's been over 55 years since the first bus went out, and SMILEY has never looked back. SKI COLBEE TOURS has made a lot of people smile over the years. There are countless numbers of satisfied patrons, thousands of new friendships, courtships, marriages, new skiers and riders, snowmobilers, tubers and just plain happy, contented customers who keep coming back with a smile!

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